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  • Firewood : jumbo bag (seasoned hardwood)
Our properly seasoned firewood is truly ready to burn. After cutting and splitting, these hardwood logs are placed in drying cages which allow air to circulate throughout the wood. We regularly monitor the moisture level until the AMC (average moisture content) is below 25%. The firewood is then fed through a rotary drum screener which separates any unwanted brash content such as sawdust loose bark and other small particles. the logs are then fed on to a conveyor belt where any oversized pieces a removed leaving only clean dry firewood that is just the right size for any medium-sized stove or open fire.

  • Log Diameter:                             5cm - 16 cm approx           
  • log length:                                   10 - 25 cm +/- 5%
  • brash content:                             Less than 3%
  • Average Moisture Content:        20 -25%
  • Loose volume                              0.8 m³
  • Species:                                       Mixed hardwoods - Ash,oak,beech & others

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Firewood : jumbo bag (seasoned hardwood)

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